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Today, one of the biggest challenges facing the collision repair industry is scheduling repairs
effectively. Poor scheduling can lead to an abundance of issues within a shop such as stress,
low morale, miscommunication amongst departments, customer dissatisfaction, poor insurance
company KPIs and inevitably low profitability. Proper scheduling will absolutely increase your
success and that is why OBS is so important to your portfolio.

OnBoard Scheduler is customizable for your shop, more than 150 shops in over 20 states use OnBoard Scheduler to manage their scheduling needs and not 2 use it in the same way.

Because time is Money and Onboard Scheduler gives you the ability to MAXIMIZE both

Schedule to capacity, by hours, dollars, counts, type, time slots, workforce efficiency. Set daily limits.

In The Cloud

Schedule anything from anywhere! No software to install, works with your existing browers and mobile devices. Share calendars with outside vendors.

Team Management

Schedule vacations, work force, inventory ordering, due dates and more!

Vendor Managment

See when your vendors are available and minimize your wait time making your clients happier and your shop more productive.

Client Management

Update your clients through email and text messaging giving them peace of mind that things are being taken care of.


Set security per calendar and per user, Limit users to read only so they can’t make changes.

No Long Term Contract

Don’t be held hostage to a long term contract, cancel at any time. 100% satisfaction guarantee

Mobile And Big Screen Dashboards

Keep your team focused and organized with views designed for bigscreen dashboards with the flexibility to optimize views by department.


Allows collaboration between team members, customers and outside vendors.


Work smarter by integrating your shop management with software that you are already using minimizing training and maximizing profits.

We are proud to Add Autospot Production as an integrated partner.


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