Tonya Dorman – Clear Max Collision

  “We use this and it has completely changed our Collision Repair Business, I often wonder how we kept track of everything without it! Also won’t break the bank!!!”

Andy Melin, LaMettry’s Collision

        To Whom It May Concern:   In the collision repair industry,being able to find a tool that helps effectively monitor and manage overall workload, and optimize efficiency is invaluable.  Since November 2017, LaMettry’s… Read more “Andy Melin, LaMettry’s Collision”

Trew Auto Body Inc

We were struggling with staying organized and managing our scheduling, since we have started using the OnBoard Scheduler it has helped our shop as a whole to stay informed. We started out simple and used it primarily for scheduling estimate and repair appointments but quickly added more calendars such as DFR, Vacation, Employee Unavailable and… Read more “Trew Auto Body Inc”

Aurora Collision Center

If there is one thing I know, scheduling has always been one of the bigger challenges for us. The Onboard Scheduler comes from
two guys (Troy and Mike) who have spent the majority of their working lives in and around body shops and so they know and
understand this challenge. What is great… Read more “Aurora Collision Center”

Spradley Barr Collision Center

March 2, 2018
To Whom It May Concern;
My name is Robby Bartlett and I am the Manager of Spradley Barr Collision Center in Cheyenne
Wyoming. Spradley Barr has been using Onboard Scheduler since March 2017. With scheduling being
one of the biggest challenges inside of a collision center, we are… Read more “Spradley Barr Collision Center”

The Ding Guy / Cheyenne Dent Center

To Whom IT May Concern:
On Board Scheduler kindly allowed The Ding Guy/Cheyenne Dent Center
Cheyenne, Wy to link with Spradley Barr of Cheyenne. We have access to
the Read Only and Estimate Calendar. This service has allowed us to view
the incoming hail estimates weekly. Having this access saves us… Read more “The Ding Guy / Cheyenne Dent Center”

Jamie Gruber

“I have enjoyed the switch to Onboard scheduling. The fact that the program updates in
real time has helped tremendously. We are no longer double booking estimates or
overlapping warranty appointments. Missing important customer information is not an
issue either, as the system requires you to enter it in order to save.… Read more “Jamie Gruber”