Andy Melin, LaMettry’s Collision





To Whom It May Concern:


In the collision repair industry,being able to find a tool that helps effectively monitor and manage overall workload, and optimize efficiency is invaluable.  Since November 2017, LaMettry’s Collision has been utilizing the OnBoard Scheduler platform as an essential tool towards gaining clearer visibility and control into our day-to-day vehicle repair scheduling.

OnBoard Scheduler has allowed us the ability to gain significantly improved control of the repair scheduling process primarily through the use of its “Calendar View”.  This functionality allows us to organize and visually display an entire shops worth of repair order information in one concise and highly customizable view.  The best part is that the information being utilizedis gathered directly fromour management system and requires almost no additional effort to make useable.  The end result being that repair order scheduling information is readily provided to staff in a format that’s easy to read and reference at a glance.

Through the use of OnBoard Scheduler our staff is constantly aware of work that is coming in and going out each day, week, and month.  The system allows for us to establish in depth goals and thresholds pertaining torepair orders, that in turn, protect us from both under-scheduling and overscheduling work.  Several of our shops reportedan increase in sales as a result of more efficient scheduling, and nearly all shops reported that their workload had become significantly more manageable once they had clearer visibility into the repair orders that were coming in/out each day.

Overall LaMettry’s would recommend that any organization looking to have greater control of their scheduling take a look at OnBoard Scheduler.






Andy Melin

Training & Development Manager