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If there is one thing I know, scheduling has always been one of the bigger challenges for us. The Onboard Scheduler comes from
two guys (Troy and Mike) who have spent the majority of their working lives in and around body shops and so they know and
understand this challenge. What is great about the Onboard Scheduler is the ability to use multiple calendars to track and
schedule anything from vehicle drop off to sublet work by RO. We can set up different calendars to help managers track and plan
for all the small details we have to do each day and then bring them all together for a clearer overall picture of what is happening
and what needs to take place each by day, week or month.
For example you have a vehicle scheduled in and you know that the windshield needs to be removed before repairs can begin.
You can schedule windshield removal using the “glass removal” calendar weeks in advance. Or if after discovery you find that an
alignment needs to be done, you just ad that calendar to that RO. This helps remind the person responsible for calling the glass
company and scheduling it, to make the call. But this software also gives you the ability to set some limits so you don’t get in
trouble and over book a particular day. Its easy then to click and drag a windshield install scheduled for that RO# to a different day
if need be. Individuals with responsibilities to keep track of vehicles leaving, can focus on just a few calendars that are important
to their role. The calendars are color coded for easy recognition, warnings or triggers can be set, and data from our CCC
management system is pumped into the Onboard Scheduler software for each RO. I like the way anyone can take the curser and
hover over a particular calendar RO and see all the information about that job. You can set the ways you look at the data for each
calendar based on count or dollars. Some things you need to understand in dollars but others you want a count. And it gives you
the ability to set limits and goals. You also are able to look at data for one day at a time or by the week or month.
Troy and Mike keep adding new features to the software all the time, which continue to make it more valuable and with pricing
that is very affordable for even small shops. Upcoming texting through the software to the customer will help with the
management process. Overall I have to say it is nice to find a helpful software package that is not priced in the $200 – $900 range.
Phil Oyer
Aurora Collision Center
403 Laredo St. Unit A
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