Spradley Barr Collision Center

March 2, 2018
To Whom It May Concern;
My name is Robby Bartlett and I am the Manager of Spradley Barr Collision Center in Cheyenne
Wyoming. Spradley Barr has been using Onboard Scheduler since March 2017. With scheduling being
one of the biggest challenges inside of a collision center, we are excited about and grateful for Onboard
Scheduler. It’s ease of use and overall functionality, make it one of the best tools in our shop.
The Cheyenne area was hit with a massive hail storm in 2017 and Onboard Scheduler allowed us to
increase production and cycle time, all while not over scheduling and therefore, increasing customer
Our ability to set up multiple calendars, specific to our needs, and then allow access to those calendars
by all users in the body shop, increases communication and allows management to track current
business, plan for future business and provides a very clear and detailed picture of the production in the
shop, while pinpointing areas that need improvement. An additional feature, is that we can link with
our sublet vendors, such as The Ding Guy in Cheyenne, Wy., through Onboard Scheduler, which saves
both sides valuable time because coordinating both business schedules is extremely clear and easy. Our
sublet vendors can plan in advance to be sure that they have enough man power and there are no
surprises. Once again, communication is much improved, which allows both sides to meet or exceed
customer expectations.
As Troy Fallows and Mike Johnson continue to add new features to the software, it increases the value
of this software while keeping the cost to body shops affordable.
Overall, we have been waiting for a product such as this, with its ease of use, many features and
affordable price.